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A little about me

I enjoy working on with kinds of crafts. I have been working with crafts since I was a young child. I can sew, paint, draw, and a madcap with anything that had to be glued or sewn. A few years ago I had my “ah ha!” moment, my current job was not a career that was going to take me anywhere in the future. I went back to school after many years since high school, and got my Web design and Graphics Degree in 2017.

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I do amazing things that I love


When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.

Web Designer

I do not enjoy going to different websites and they all have the same format. I like to do things a little differently. I enjoy adding a little personality to my webpages.


Work I have completed I mostly use Adobe Creative Suite Programs.

Quality websites

Examples of some websites I have designed.

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I love to photograph anything I see. I enjoy it when I look at my images, and they are all crisp and clear. I feel, all my images tell a story, and I'm the storytelling sharing that story. All the photographs on this Website have been taken by me Melissa Dahse most with my Canon Rebel 5t and 7t DSLR. In 2022, I got a new camera Canon EOS 70D.

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Work Samples

School projects and anything else I like to show off can be found here.

My animation skills are still in the learning process. I make little quick movies with basic drawing. I'm learning how to improve my skills everyday.

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Recent Projects

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My little blog

  • Creative Minds

    E-commerce website project. Bags for all ages. The bags are all handmade with many various kinds of fabrics.

    Creative Hearts

    Blog where I have my Reborn Dolls photos and info. Also can find my dolls for sale.

    This webpage is where I show examples of all my craft projects.

    Creative Ideas

    Dahse Delights-Comforts of Home Photography- Photo Studio business I'm working on getting started.

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Maricopa, Arizona