Owl & Electronic Caddy Bag

Show off your night owl style with this flannel book bag. Large enough to keep all your late night study groups properly prepared and bright enough to keep you sunny and smiling even during the darkest nights, and the included chord bag makes sure your devices don't lose their spark either.

owl Bag


  • Length: 14"
  • Width: 16"
  • Strap: 42"
  • Material: Cotton, Flannel
  • Washable: Yes
  • Includes: Electric Caddy

These bags are "messenger style" with plenty of room for all your school books, 12-15" small laptop, and more to fit. Kept closed with velcro. All the seams have reinforced stitching.Included: matching holder for all your charging cords and plugs. Also can keep your ear-buds from getting tangled up. All bags are handmade from scratch. Some measurements and colors may vary.



  • Theme: Owls
  • Front: Light Tan
  • Inside Pockets: Yellow, Green, Owls
  • Back:Light Yellow Mosaic
  • Inside Flap: Grey Owls
  • Inside Bag: Grey Owls / Grey Dots
  • Side Pocket: Grey Owl
  • Accents: Black, Pink, Yellow, Grey
  • Etc: Owl patches
Front bag

Inside Bag of Bag

Inside main bag is Grey/White poke-a-dots and Owl print big pocket. Grey zipper.

Font Pocket

Front Pocket of Bag

Six pocket on the front main inside. Yellow, Green, Pink Owls print. Black and white zippers.

Side Pocket

Side Pocket of Bag

Side pocket big enough to hold small phone or car keys. Yellow trim around the middle. Black strap.

Back Pocket

Back Pocket of Bag

Grey stars print inside pocket. Can fit a 10" tablet. Closed with velcro strips.



  • Price $49.99
  • Free shipping all locations, U.S. only. All bags are shipped out in a timely fashion after payment confirmation.

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