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Melissa Dahse

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Web Designer, Photographer, Artist


My portfolio has examples of work I have accomplished. Access to my resume with all my past work history. Includes all the features I can accomplish by way of the webpage itself. I have HTML5, CSS, and Designing skills. I know a little about JavaScript, but it's not my strongest outlet

Creative Minds

Cryptobook Bags

E-commerce website project. Bags for all ages. The bags are all handmade with many various kinds of fabrics

Creative Ideas

♥Dahse Delights Home Photography♥

Dahse Delights-Comforts of Home Photography- Photo Studio business I'm working on getting started.

Creative Hearts


Blog where I have my Reborn Dolls photos and info. When I have more made and Dolls for sale.

This is also the webpage where I show examples of most of my craft projects.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

Return soon for many updates in the coming weeks.